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Whatsapp CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool used to boost and improve customer interactions and customer engagement in a business. Utilizing WhatsApp, the most popular and widely used messaging platform, as a CRM tool can greatly enhance your business's ability to connect with a broad global audience. It would significantly enhance the performance of your business and enables your business to emerge as a universal brand in no time. Our WhatsApp CRM facilitates customers to connect with your business from anywhere and at any time. It optimizes your customer engagement process by delivering promotional messages, personal messages, and offer or discount messages directly through WhatsApp.

At Ginger Technologies, we specialize in delivering reliable WhatsApp CRM services that sustainably empower your business. Our effective WhatsApp CRM offers the same features of CRM software like automating business tasks, tracking customer information, enhancing customer communication and customer engagement, lead generation, attracting and retention of customers, etc. but through the most popular and widely used platform, WhatsApp. It does not require any extra cost and is an easy process for the large-scale promotion of your business.


Positive Impacts of Our Whatsapp CRM


Connect with Customers

Our WhatsApp CRM enables customers to easily connect with your business around the clock. We offer personalized communication to the prospected customers which would enhance the possibility of high-quality generating leads for your business.

Organize Your Customers

Our exceptional WhatsApp CRM tool enables customers to organize according to their interests and preferences. By delivering products and services that are perfectly customized to the needs and preferences of customers, you can generate more leads for your business.

Cost-Effective and Large-Scale Promotion

Our WhatsApp CRM is the most effective tool that enables a large-scale promotion for your business in a cost-effective way. As WhatsApp is a widely used messaging platform, businesses could maximize their profit with minimal expenses.

Enhancing Customer Engagement

Our proposed WhatsApp CRM enables you to enhance customer engagement by delivering messages in multiple media like photos, videos, etc. Usage of videos and photos would easily attract customers to your business easily and provides better clarity about your business.

Why Choose Our Software?


Easily Integration with the WhatsApp Platform

Our software enables easy integration with the WhatsApp channel, with our exceptional WhatsApp CRM software, your business could streamline certain regular tasks like customer communications which include sending promotional messages, responding to customer queries, etc.


Optimizing Sales

Our WhatsApp CRM could optimize your business sales by targeting potential customers. Delivering products and services by determining the interests of customers is the most effective strategy to scale up your business in a rapid manner.


Enhanced Customer Experience

Our proposed WhatsApp CRM software helps your business to enhance customer communication by delivering personalized messages like promotions or offer messages and responding to customer queries. It would help your business in establishing credibility in the minds of customers.


Tracking and Analysis of Customer Behaviour

Our effective WhatsApp CRM services enable your business to track the interests and preferences of the customers. It would provide valuable insight into your business and enables you to make informed decisions according to the data.

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