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Is your website being ready for launch! Choose our essential Web Hosting to give you the disk space you need while ensuring your information is well-protected with our malware scanning.

Web Hosting

Fast, secure and reliable

Web hosting is the facility of offering storage space for a website or application on a server on the internet. Once your website is made available on the internet, it can be accessed by other computers connected to the internet. High performance, reliability, and security are all keys to the success of a perfect website. With Ginger Technologies reliable hosting, can make sure once your website is hosted, users can access it by typing in your web address (domain name) in a web browser. When doing this, the computer connects to the server the website is hosted on. The server, in turn, serves (sends the files that have stored on the storage to display) the website to the web visitor in their web browser.

Business Hosting

Business Hosting is a type of cPanel hosting that is more powerful than shared hosting. With Business hosting, you can get the power and resources of your own private server, without needing the experience of a server administrator.

Managed WordPress

Your business will be placed on our dedicated hosting environment offering a swift, professional and consistent service from the beginning. Your website will receive daily routine backups to both site files and databases, so you can rest secure that in the event that anything goes wrong with your website we will be able to restore it quickly and without hassle. We're dedicated to providing the best hosting environment for all our client's websites.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS hosting is a higher, stronger more advanced form of shared hosting. Experience up to 3x faster hosting and take advantage of dedicated resources with our VPS hosting. Our VPS solution sets a new standard for performance.

Why host my site with Ginger?

Choosing our hosting platform means updates to your website can easily be published without delay. As standard, we regularly update both software and plugins in the best interest of security, so rest assured you are in safe hands.Outstanding Support, Speed and Flexibility are some of our best features that set us apart.

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