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Ginger Technologies offers its creative services in designing business logos or brochures, whatever it may be that best suits your requirement, as well as promotes your product and service in its full color. Be it a single sheet leaflet, a multi-fold product catalog, a corporate brochure design or a coffee table book, we can cater to any of your design needs. The logo is a creative symbol for your business. Hence, Logo Designing has taken its own importance in the process of website design and development no matter your organization is small or large. The logo is the beating heart of your visual identity. With no logo, your brand is just another company providing products and services in a clogged marketplace. We will work on your company logo design until you are certain that the logo design accurately reflects your professional image. We have dedicated expertise to produce exceptional logos.

A logo must appear everywhere – on your website; on your corporate stationery; on your advertising. It must be recognizable in the colors and fonts. It should jump out from your packaging and sit comfortably on your labels. The logo must be memorable. It must be suited to your products or services. It must be characteristic. And it must be adaptable. Our designs will be simple, clean logos that communicate your brand identity and values with maximum efficiency.

A logo becomes the seed of your branding and is included on every piece of web and print design created to represent your business or organization. We focus to blend in the branding and services at the client end such that the online customers easily recognize the products, services of the company just by seeing the company logo design. Using an elegant and modern design approach, we created a timeless visual language which has been used across all sectors of the company.


A logo is a company’s identity. Hence, we pay effort in keeping the logo design simple. Don’t confuse with simplicity. Our logo designer develops an innovative logo design, which is timeless, relevant and easy to remember


We are a versatile logo design company. Wide varieties of latest designs are used by us to create a unique logo. We are mastered in applying new and successful techniques to create outstanding logos.


We create meaningful logos that can capable to express the business itself. In other words, the logo of your company can tell a lot about your brand. This is our aim.


We play with colors because each color has a unique influence. The energetic red, supportive brown, optimistic yellow, intellectual blue, refreshing green, warm orange, royal purple nurturing pink, glamorous black, sophisticated white – all of them describe the essence of a visual. We apply the color psychology and careful to create a logo that is not a slave of its color.

Profile Making

The provision of profile making design is another of our service keystones at Ginger Technologies. The process of creating an outstanding profile making design is one that we have recognized and excelled at over the years and therefore many companies approach us for this service.

Understanding the essential goals of the project is vital to creating and agreeing on a creative brief. Whatever the challenge, we pride ourselves on being able to define a highly effective and engaging way of putting your proposition across. Creating Profiles is much more than creating a nice-looking style. It must perfectly engage with the target audience, be consistent with the corporate brand guidelines, be memorable. As well as providing the right information in the right way.


Working with the client to establish the core goals of the publication. Understanding the competitor landscape, the target audience, the position of the brochure within the sales process.


Bringing our highly experienced and creative team to the project to get under the skin of the current brand guidelines and to create a pagination, design style and template.


Here we support the project using imagery, copy, and styling. We are just as happy setting up a dedicated photo shoot and writing the copy as we are working with the content supplied by our clients. We can also help with translation service too if required.


The printing of the brochure is not where our help ends. We are also there to help get the brochure out to the relevant audience. From supplying a list of relevant names & addresses through to the fulfillment and dispatch of the brochures to these end users.

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